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Pistol Range

The pistol range is complete
and ready for your next event!!!!  
  • Special events and tournaments.      
  • Range safety officer (RSO) on the premises.
  • Family oriented atmosphere.
  • Catering to male and female enthusiasts.

If you are searching for a shooting club, we can point you in the right direction.  Shiny Top Social Club regularly holds meetings and/or hosts events on our range.    For more information contact Larry or Doc, they can get ya' the information!

We have male and female instructors, male and female RSO, as well as male and female shooters, so we can accommodate most needs!! 

The Shiny Top Social Club is especially encouraging females to join and learn the mechanics of shooting, or if you are a seasoned shooter join us and build on your skills! 

All clubs and shooters are welcome!!!!  

 Simply contact:
  Larry Scarcella (254) 718-8675 


Doc Jones (254) 760-4489 

If you need somewhere to learn or further enhance your precision.....
The Shiny Top Pistol Range is the place!!  


Shiny Top Social club offers shooters female as well as male instructors so everyone will feel comfortable.   

Our goal is to have the largest population of female shooters right here in Central Texas!  

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